Potato Harvest Forecast 2020/21

Crop4Sight publishes its UK Potato Harvest Forecast for 2020/21.

Crop4Sight is a simple to use app designed to help maximise your saleable yield and improve profitability of your potato crops.

It uses powerful predictive technology to combine observations from your own potato crops along with 30 years of reference crop data to provide clear insights that can help you make the best management decisions for profitability.

Using this same technology Crop4Sight has produced its first 2020/21 UK Potato Harvest Forecast.

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Video Speaker: Paul Coleman (Managing Director)


Transcript of the video:

Welcome to Crop4Sight, the digital potato crop management tool.

Potato planting started and finished, 2 weeks later than last year. But the warmest Spring on record resulted in many crops emerging more than 5 days earlier than the long term average.

We can see that the yield potential at emergence was very similar to last year but very much in contrast to 2018 when it was 8% lower and 2017 when it was 9% higher.

Early planted  crop development was ahead of last year before frost decimated canopies resulting in very significant changes to tuber numbers and yield potential. However The majority of crops emerged after this but received little or no rainfall until early June.  In some unirrigated  crops tuber numbers and yield are  negatively affected.

Significantly  lower stem numbers ( and therefore tuber numbers ) are being recorded  in some varieties as a result of chronologically young seed.

Crops not receiving rainfall until mid June  saw canopy development slow compared to forecast. These crops recovered as a return to moderate conditions prevailed.

Many crops initiated tubers during very bright sunny weather which can drive over all tuber numbers marginally up.

Based on data driven insight we would expect to see more variable crop yields than last year. Some crops will be exceptionally big in size or low yielding if managed to intended market sizing.

As of the 13th July yields averaged across all varieties and regions  are 3-5 tonnes behind compared to the same time last year.  This indicates crops will be 5-7 days later than last year to achieve the same yield.

Despite the variables mentioned the vast majority of crops remain on forecast. As a result the Crop4Sight yield prediction for the 2020 season is 5.6 millions tonnes for the UK. ( Of course subject to  a safe harvest )

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