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    How does Crop4Sight work?

    For a full overview, please visit the How does it work? page.

    How accurate is the seed rate calculator?

    Consideration of seed agronomy, crop planting dates and commercial yield targets in seed rates is a crucial part of managing potato crops. Stem density (000’s/ha) is the agronomic factor that controls tuber population. The tuber population influences the tuber size distribution. For the same gross yield (t/ha) a larger tuber population will have a smaller size profile compared to a low tuber population.

    Seed rates are used to control the stem and tuber populations and are the most significant element that can be manipulated in crop planning. Once the seed is in the ground you cannot change the plant spacing!

    The Crop4Sight seed module provides an easy-to-use tool that considers all agronomic and crop target factors. The tool will generate an ‘optimum’ solution for the given inputs. This output is fully editable and can be modified to create bespoke seed rate recommendations, if required. The model will output the plant, stem, and tuber populations plus in-row spacing for both methods of creating a seed rate. This data provides key benchmarks for understanding crop development during the season through achieved seed spacing, stem-tuber forecasts and actual yield samples analyses available in Crop Insights.

    Do I still need to do yield digs?

    We don’t have the technology to dig the yield samples for you yet. But the Crop4Sight video sizing app for mobile phones will make the sizing process of the yield sample much quicker, easier and with a high degree of accuracy

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